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Hub Agency Service
Hub Agency Service

Port costs can be a big drain on the total vessel operating expenses. We offer efficient system and processes and competent staff monitoring your port calls and disbursement accounts.

Diamond Shipping’s Hub services through our Head Office in Dubai, is specifically designed to provide a single point of contact for owners/charterers for their operational, financial & administration requirements across the Middle East, Africa & the Indian Sub-Continent region.

As your hub agency, we manage your non-essential agency related tasks. Our well-defined products and processes are customised to meet your needs and demands. We oversee and manage everything from financial transactions to checking port logs and documentation.

We have in-depth knowledge of our client requirements and a proven understanding of voyage management that derives from daily contact with the voyage operators, local agents and port community. This ensures a seamless service is provided on each and every voyage.

Our hub agency is designed to complement your own business and as such, it is entirely bespoke. You choose the elements you need; we’ll do the rest for you.


Diamond Shipping acts as a single point of contact for vessel handling and operations

We support a centralized port calls management system

We prepare quick, accurate and detailed PDA’s

You can expect real time updates and reporting

We have excellent relations with authorities

Our local knowledge of ports and terminals always come in handy

We ensure proper documentation

This has resulted in a highly cost effective solution for our customers.

Our Services Include

Financial transactions to checking port logs and documentation.

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