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Dry-Docking Service
Dry-Docking Service

Avoiding conflicting interests between the yard and the ship owner is one of the key requirements of a reliable agent. Dry-docking is a complex process and the scope of work involves liaising with various parties. The ship agent should not only have good relations with the relevant dry-docks, but also has to liaise with the concerned authorities, suppliers and service providers to ensure smooth operations. Diamond Shipping, supported by local contacts, co-ordinates with owners and dock authorities to dock and undock vessels efficiently.

Our Services Include

The Dry-docking services we provide include, but are not limited to:

Confirmation of slot availability

Arranging formalities prior to vessel arrival

Attending to owners superintendents

Coordinating with class surveyors and technicians

Clearance and delivery of spare parts

Daily attendance on board. Daily reporting on services

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