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NVOCC Agency
NVOCC Agency

DSS is an established player in the shipping business, providing full agency and husbandry services. With the arrival of the new decade, new opportunities have emerged which allow us to adapt our “know how” and diversify into other logistical sectors like NVOCC shipping.

We have NVOCC services in the Middle East, China, South-east Asia and the Indian sub-continent. We operate a fleet of new containers and actively liaise with shipping lines, port agents, local carriers and others for the movement of your valuable shipment, taking responsibility for safe and time-bound delivery. Our staff are competent and have adequate expertise in handling all types of cargo logistics operations. We have an extensive network across the world, especially in the Middle East, China, South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent. It is a great advantage we provide to our valued customers. With this capability, we are offering a single-source supply chain solution to and from any part of our network, keeping you updated of your shipment status at every phase. We have been aggressively selling our NVOCC freight forwarding activities along with our overseas counterparts mainly in China, South East Asia and the Indian Sub-continent.


Being in the shipping field for more than two and half decades, we have great rapport with Shipping Lines, Customs, Ports and others.

We have an extensive network across the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia and the Indian Sub-continent to serve our customers.

We have brand new containers to carry our customers’ valuable cargo safely.

Our competent staff with ample experience can handle any type of cargo without hassle.

Our Services Include

Supply of local knowledge to our principal, help minimize cost, compliance and governance know how increasing control of the owner on shippers and 24/7 availability.

Port Agency Service
Port Agency
Ro/Ro Ships Service
Ro/Ro Ships
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Bulk and Project Ships
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Container Ships
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Tanker Vessels
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Owner’s Protective Agency

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